Never been easy to say WHAT I am… as I’ve always been interested in so many things.

But for now, let’s focus on the things I can do for YOU.


I’m Moni Bikfalvi, adventure organiser, writer, trainer.

(It’s Monika actually, but I prefer it short… or the Irish version: Muadnait – pronounce: ‘Mwa-naht’)

I love to welcome tourists to my beautiful homeland.

I’m sure I can give you something that can easily be the adventure of your lifetime. Hungary is waiting for you – with a guide who have lived here all her life and have been organising tours for more than 30 years.

I know secret places, beautiful sights, I offer experiences average tourists could hardly find or even hear about. By the way I’m a certified tour guide in Europe so rest assured you are in good hands if you join me.

Go and check my site to get a glance or follow me on Instagram – and sign up for one of my tours when you are in Hungary.

I also escort tourists when I’m in Ireland.


The writer – trainer stuff

I’ve been designing websites, training people to use WordPress and to build their own small businesses for 12 years. I still write about this and I still coach people. Sadly, this service is only available in Hungarian, so it won’t be any use for you if you don’t speak the language.

I’m Moni Bikfalvi, adventure organiser, writer, trainer.